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lol new herre

Title : Thu Anthm
Author: me lol
Why it is teh bezt: ron ifnally konfronts his bruthaz bout picken on him! nd a gr8 song 2!!!!!!!11 punk rok!
Teh bezt line: ull have 2 reid and see!

The Andthem
Ron h8d being a wesley. Frad and Gorge aproched him 1day during lonch and sed "Hay boogerface, u suck! 2bad u can't be kool as us cuz u're 2 young" then ron strted singing angry punk song at them! "U! Don't wanta be just liek u!" he turnd 2 the hall and skreim @ the hal "this is the anthim throe all u're hadns up, U!" tha hole hall put' there handz up including prof dombledore, prof sprout, snap, and even DRACO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frad and Geroge wer kicked out of skool 4 bein 2 lamme so Ron bKam King!
the end

ps- sprout'z a hotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
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