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Title :MaH SLyThERin BEuTie
Author: Me Agen!!!!olololOLOlolO!L
Why it is teh bezt: drako findz his Gurl in Da LEEsT lIekLy oF PlAeces........ HOGGYwArtZ!!!!
Teh bezt line:Even Dombledor was there he say
"oopz skool is burning down but jus caus angie iz so hawwwt n sexxxxxxxy! lolololol!!!!!!"

Angelah Moonshine NIghtLily was Sortd in2 Slythering. Evry boi lovd her but she only lov Drako
Drako say "i lov her but put she modblood" Crab and Goile sad
"OMG me 2 but were 2 fat nd stoopid nd ogly. Drako laff nad agree. Theay all laff but than Anila walced in da door wit her budz Milysent Bolstroed and pansi Pakinston. She Lso had loving mob folow behind herr. Even Dombledor was there he say
"oopz skool is burning down but jus caus angie iz so hawwwt n sexxxxxxxy! lolololol!!!!!!" evryone laf an agree but noone relize that mGonnall wuz in her room but her room was relly burning down
"heeeeelp. . ." she say miserable.
Angelah laughed nd told hilarios joke 2 her krowd. They laff nd chant
"WE LOV ANGELa!!11 She'Z SooOSOOOOSOoOO FuNNY!!!" ShE Gigled and pAnsi and Molosent went 2 grrl'z dorm wit her. Pansi say
"letz play wit weegee bored!" they taek it our nd start playng. first molisent go.
"Doz Krab liek me?" YES! PAnSi goEd Neckst.
"DoEz DrAkO Liek me?" NO! THen AnGElA Goed, Herr BlOnd HAir KAscaded Bhind herr as she wnt.
"DoeS Fletweck Loev me?????" YESYEYESYSYES!!!!!!
lol. They all saed. "U'R a Lucky Gurl, Angel!" say molesent cuz Angela'z nickname Angel.
"i no." Angla said. bot that nite she started 2 feil bad. Evry1 woz asleep.She went 2 kommon Room. She Sat in a chaer nd magicked her Cd playr 2 plaey it played song with VolUme All Teh Way Up It played "Locky" by BRitney SpearS.
"She'z So Locky SHe'S A * BUt She KRy Kry KRY IN HEr LOnly <3 thinking if there's NOtING mIsSIN iN mah LIfe..." anothr voice join in "...than whai do TheSE TeERz Com @ NIte/??????//???????@/?" it wAs Drako. He was Waering his pajamaz that klinged 2 his sicks pack nicely Drako hold her hand and say
"Ur a CHeetah Gurl Bcuz of who u r and wats in ur haert."
they were in lov and started going afterwardz. at nd of yeer dey get married and luscious woz ok wit it evn tho she moodblood cause she beauty and rich. they have a baby gurl and naem it TIgerLily Malfoy nd Liev haPPy Ever After.
THE End</centar I HoeP U LIekEd IT???!!??!??!???/!??!?!?!?LOloL!
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