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Title (with link): HOW DAREZ YOU motherfucker
Fandom: HP
Author: me myself and I
Why it is teh bezt: bexuaz giny liek drake and sooo murch angsat omg omg!! :D:D:D
Teh bezt line: 'ooooooyesssssssssss!' she yell as she fuck him harder wit her big bouncy breasts and big juice legs

"Liek oo mah God you cheat on meeee!" Giny slap Drako

"accidentaslyyy!" he promsixeced. "pleurseee furgirve meohoho!"

"LIEK NEVA!" Giny swing hair in tis face and Drako die

Giny fuck him sleiping becuz she cool and pull out big balls and suck until they pink and cover cum.

'ooooooyesssssssssss!' she yell as she fuck him harder wit her big bouncy breasts and big juice legs

he die again

teh bezt eniden eva.
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omg dat wuz da BESTEST fic evar!1111!!1!!11! plz wryt more kthxbye!!11!

liek omGGDGDGDGD i rox liek hellz ondd floomas!!

iv peeps revew den might OMGMGGGGGOGGMGMGGGG continuezzzzeerrrs!!!

liek omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg i stll rox.
omgg!!!11!! ill get LALAAAAALLALLALALALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL UF mah frenzzzzzz 2 r&r kkkkzz????///??/?
of courzeeee ommgggggggg freeeennzzzzz friessssss4eva

teh commun rox teh hargds bug azz

leik!!1!! OMFg!11 ur leik teh bezt riter eva!11! i leik worshipz u!1 lololol


January 9 2004, 21:02:17 UTC 14 years ago

I sincerely hope that was some sort of sick joke because that was DISGUSTING! All you reveiwers must have a few screws loose becasue no body in their right mind could find any of that amusing. You also don't seem to have grasped the usage of proper grammer, punctuation and spelling. I have to say it was truly appalling.
Oh my God, you are one stupid bitch. Sign your name next time. This community is for playing plebes. In real life, I am a novelist. Read the fucking community info first, you dumbass.
OMG HAEV I EEER RED ANYTHING HOTTER EVR?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?%#@%O(#^ _#U%_!%Y )!(%@Y_%
OMG!!!!! Taht's liek sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooootttt. Yew r da besht awther in du fcuking wuurld. Pllleeeze du ah seequel. :D:D:D:D111
HOMAGOD! GO FIGUUURRR! ilyke toetilley ded nott no he wud eva cheet onn JINNEY! MAGOD DRAKOE! wtf!>!> GOOODE ANGZT! LUVVVV ITTT!!1!111!!1¼ALO!

OMG! Liek OMG! Taht teh hottttest evah! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It liek soooooooo rOxOrS!!!!