janice jopler (rommely) wrote in teh_bezt_fics,
janice jopler

ok i'm hear LOL

wow u kno i sawed dis cumuneedtea n sayd 2 meself hear r sum smart peepul lik me lik we r walkin dickshunairies rite n i men ther r allwais entellijent convursayshuns her tat i red n i anm lik WOW yea tat is so rite LOL n i hop tat u wil tink god of me bcuz u peepul r teh KOLLEST n i haf cereuslee eth bast fic eva 4 u son i wil post it wil bee awsum u wil probublee pi ur underr garrmints ROFL

bye frands unteel nxt timme


- ro4melee87//

i cummed i sawed i conkedhered
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