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teh_bezt_fics's Journal

teh eleet HP fics ever!!!1!
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Welcome to teh_bezt_fics! This is a community for recommending and sharing your own fanfiction with a certain style. This style can include one or more of the following:

1) Uneek speellingz.
2) HARD, THROBBING, PURPLE, 50 INCH LONG sex scenes. (TIGHT, WET, HOT sex scenes also accepted.)
3) Beautiful, golden-haired, bright-eyed, delicate-but-strong original characters.
4) Hyphenated descriptions.
5) Other stuff. Use your best judgment!!!1

When making recs, please use the following format:

Title (with link):
Why it is teh bezt:
Teh bezt line:

becalmed n thessamunga r teh modz! omg we r0x0r <33<#3,##3333

Send your questions to dilificus@hotmail.com